Calling all Racers first Cup Race of 2013 POC at WSIR

porsche cup race

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Taking 1st Place at the GTGP

Here are some pictures of my win at the Global Tuner Grand Prix.  The race was the the Famous Laguna Seca Race Track in Monterrey CA.  It was one of the best weekends of my life!  Super fun!

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California Festival of Speed at AutoClub Speedway Garry Grant Viper ACR

The big races are tomorrow I am all dialed in and have a surprise for my competition NEW TIRES! HA. Its really going to be a shoot out between me and Jesse my buddy! We have been within a second of each other all weekend race after race. He has won the Cup race on Friday and also took first in the Cup Sprint race today…. It should be 10% cooler than the 100% yesterday and 96 Degree temps today. That will produce faster laptimes for sure.

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Who is this man? Is it the new “Stig”

Garry G The Stig

Garry G The Stig

Who is this man?

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The Hudosn Hotel (Hell) in NYC – DONT STAY at this Hotel!

One of the worst experiences I have encountered.  We had reservations 2 months in advance,  yet it took over 2.5 hours to check in.  They didn’t get us the correct room.  After waiting for them to finally get us a room,  we found that the phone didn’t work in the living room area.  We also found that both TV sets were not working.  I used the bedroom phone to call at least 5 times to the front desk for assistance before they answered on the 5th call.  After finally getting through,  nothing ever got fixed.  Oh and if you want something to eat,  their are only 3 things on the menu.  So we ordered 2 hamburgers and a roasted chicken salad that came to $106.00.  I was worth about $10.00 at the most.  They couldn’t even get the burgers correct.  Salad greens were old and the sprouts for the burger were old, soggy and brown.  Keep clear of staying here,  never again!

Hudson Hote

A Nice shot of the outside terrace

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Montreal Formula 1 Grand Prix 2010

I just got back from an amazing event, the Formula 1 Grand Prix in Montreal Canada.  The city of Montreal was jamming with partys going all night long, followed by amazing and hair raising racing.  If you have never attended an F1 race you NEED TO GO!  Below are some pictures of the cars at the track.

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